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Mutual Appreciation


Neither Sammie Sims, the Libido League’s loyal sidekick, nor Flechette, their archer, had any superpowers. But together, the pair had managed to track down the secret headquarters of the wicked Seductress. With no time to call for assistance, the pair had stormed in, eager to catch the villainess red-handed.

Instead, they found her abandoned lab, and all the equipment that manufactured her chemical arousal compounds. The air was think with the scent of musk … and lust.

“You were brilliant in tracking this place down, Sammie,” said Flechette, gazing into the sidekick’s big, blue eyes. “We only missed the Seductress by a few minutes.”

“You were so skilled in slipping past her security!” Sammie replied, biting her lip and loosening her collar. “I’d be dead a dozen times over if not for you. I guess I owe you my life … and whatever else of me you want.”

* * *

When the Seductress returned an hour later, she found the two young women naked on the floor, entwined bodies glistening with the arousal chemicals circulated throughout the buildings air. Catching heroines could be so tedious, but allowing them to “catch” her was much more to the Seductress’s liking.


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