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Peeping Terence

Platinum Panther hated being late! The armored superheroine was on the cusp of a deal that would bring an end to evil Absinthe Industries forever. The corporate buyout would end the threat of Terence Tartarus’s will-bending schemes, and it wouldn’t even require a single super-powered punch.

However, it would require Platinum Panther to arrive at Absinthe Industries’ headquarters in her civilian guise as billionaire businesswoman Penelope Payes. With less than ten minutes before the deal evaporated, the only way she could make the appointment was to fly at her armor’s top speed, and change into her business clothes there.

Sweeping the ladies’ room for every type of electronic surveillance, Platinum Panther stripped off her nanoprene armor and donned the sharp business suit of Penelope Payes. Taking a moment to touch up her makeup, she walked into the meeting with thirty seconds to spare.

“Let’s cut to the chase, Tartarus,” she said to the supervillain / businessman.

“Yes, let’s,” he said with a wicked grin. A photo appeared on the monitor behind him. It showed Penelope changing out of her armor mere moments ago! “You can see that our biotech surveillance cameras can escape all sorts of sensor sweeps, but still deliver the goods, Ms. Payes. Or, should I call you ‘Platinum Panther?’”

The heroine took a deep breath before she answered. “This is a misunderstanding. I’m sure we can come to a profitable working relationship.”

“I’d prefer if we came to a pleasurable working relationship,” the villain gloated as he unzipped his pants, allowing his erection to stand free. “Unless you want the world to know your true identity?”

As she sank to her knees, Platinum Panther hated being late.



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