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18+ only. NSFW Writer of Erotic Flash Fiction. Superhero erotica. Tumblr refugee. My longer fiction is available on Smashwords and Amazon, under "Skarlette One" Age: mid-40s My erotic e-books are available on Smashwords and Amazon. More info on my eBooks is available here.

Upgraded to her Knees

Platinum Panther had been free of Terence Tartarus’s latest brainwashing attack for a full two weeks when she upgraded her armor. The nanotech suit would still grant her superpowers, but it would also hug her every curve and provide sensory feedback to protect her from the villain’s powerful subliminal messages.

As she slipped on the thin mesh, it felt good against her skin. Platinum Panther sighed as the power came up and the warmth spread across her suddenly-taut nipples. Maybe I’d better dial back the sensory feedback! she thought as she felt her pussy go slick and sticky.

That was the last thought she had before the first orgasm hit her.

By the time Terence Tartarus arrived to collect his fallen foe, Platinum Panther she was writhing on the floor, helpless in ecstasy. “Has it been two weeks, my dear? Right on schedule. My cock has missed its favorite sheath.”


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