The Skarlette One

18+ only. NSFW Writer of Erotic Flash Fiction. Superhero erotica. Tumblr refugee. My longer fiction is available on Smashwords and Amazon, under "Skarlette One" Age: mid-40s My erotic e-books are available on Smashwords and Amazon. More info on my eBooks is available here.

The Hand That Leads

The superhero Foundation had to be careful with his super-strength. Not all supervillains could stand up to his fists that could shatter buildings. Foundation was just looking to send criminals to jail, not to the hospital.

So when he got the drop on Mynx robbing a jewelry store, he went easy on the petite woman. A simple hand on her shoulder should be enough to stop her in her tracks.

But it was Mynx’s hand that slipped into Foundation’s pants. One caress of her super-powered fingers on the superhero’s tender cock and ecstasy exploded though his mind. He would do anything to keep that feeling, anything to please that dainty hand, anything to obey Mynx.

That is how those fists that could shatter buildings came to serve a palm that could offer bliss.


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