The Skarlette One

18+ only. NSFW Writer of Erotic Flash Fiction. Superhero erotica. Tumblr refugee. My longer fiction is available on Smashwords and Amazon, under "Skarlette One" Age: mid-40s My erotic e-books are available on Smashwords and Amazon. More info on my eBooks is available here.

Never Thought

Mnemonica had never really thought about how good her lips felt gliding across a man’s cock.

Now, could think of nothing else.

Quivering with desire before the supervillain Hedonist, the telepathic superheroine was helpless before him. His superpower drove the waves of his desire deep into her open mind, Mnemonica’s own telepathy making her more open and receptive to his wants, his needs, his desires.

Worshipping the Hedonist’s shaft with her tongue, Mnemonica, the most powerful telepath, ceased to be a thinking being. She had become a being of pure desire …

… the Hedonist’s desire.


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