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Intense Curiosity


I'm very happy that I was able to release Libido League Box Set #2 this week. The all-new bonus story, "Curiosity Captured," started out as a flash fiction story that just had so much potential, I had to expand it to full length.

In the story, Sammie Sims, the Libido League's sidekick and all-around fix-it gal finds herself studying a certain piece of supervillain tech. The League has captured the villainess known as The Mesmerizer, and Sammie is analyzing her seductive strap-on:

Bopping my head to the music and watching the virtual map of the dildo take shape, I couldn’t help but think about the last time I’d played with something like this. The little bullet vibrator in my night stand at home was only supposed to be for times when I hadn’t had a date for a while. However, with all the tech-fixing, crime-fighting, and world-saving, I couldn’t remember the last time I’d actually had a real date. Not counting sex while brainwashed by supervillains, it must have been months since I’d had been with anyone.

Not that being brainwashed by supervillains was all bad. I mean, of course, it’s terrible. But the sex ... well, there is definitely something about bad boys and the way they make good girls feel. Sometimes they even make good girls do bad things to other good girls. Just thinking about the last time the Dominator strapped me to his table was enough to make my belly flutter. Remembering how he rubbed down every inch of my body with his arousal-enhancing oil brought a bit of wetness between my thighs. I licked my lips, thinking about the taste of Mnemonica’s tender lips.

Crossing my legs, I let them bounce to the beat of the music, each pump sending a little pulse of pleasure to my most sensitive spot.

The computer completed the 3-D map and the hatch popped open. If I had been thinking about the safety plan, I would have picked up the dildo with my right hand, so the neoprene glove would prevent it from touching my skin. But at the moment, my right hand had nestled itself in my lap, the heel of my hand pressing against my mound in time with my bouncing leg. It felt nice—too nice to stop. So, I reached into the surface mapper with my ungloved left hand and grabbed the device.

Oh my god. It felt incredible. It wasn’t like touching silicone or rubber or plastic. It felt warm and soft, yet firm. Like touching a living thing. Like touching a living cock.

The shape of it wasn’t like a real cock, of course. It had little knobs and whorls and ridges wrapping around its surface like no sex human organ ever designed by evolution. But as my fingers traced the contours of the dildo, it seemed like these were improvements on nature. Like this was what a cock should have looked like. As though I was holding a solid orgasm in the palm of my hand.

Just then, it started to glow. The faintest warm, pink light bloomed inside of the thing. I thought it was out of power, but the heat from my hand must have triggered something. As long as it was glowing, I might as well take a closer look, right?

“Foxy, turn off the lights.” The lab plunged into half-light, dozens of indicators, monitors, and readouts keeping true darkness at bay.

In the dimness, the shaft shifted to a darker color, nearly purple. I couldn’t make out any distinct LEDs or other light sources underneath the translucent silicone. It was like the whole magnificent length of it was glowing, the light pulsing and rippling across its textured surface in perfect sync with the driving beat of the music playing in my ears.

Wait, I’ve never heard this song before. How did it get on my private playlist? The light pulsed again, yellow and orange. It must be a glitch on the streaming site. There would be time to figure that out after I had unlocked every secret from this sexy schlong.

There was some sort of pattern in the way its colors shifted and pulsed. If I studied it long enough, I would be able to figure out how it worked. Platinum Panther would be so proud of me for my work. I watched the beautiful lights dance up and down its length. The sound pulsing in my ears sent a thrill of pleasure up and down my body in sync with the glowing green lights.

I couldn’t look away. I needed to see it all. I needed to figure out how it worked. I needed to welcome all of it inside my mind.

I studied it. Watched it. Learned from it. Let it teach me about pleasure.

Read the rest of the story in “Curiosity Captured,” available only as part of Libido League Box Set #2, available at Smashwords and Amazon.

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