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Back and Forth

Piledriver groaned, returning to a bleary consciousness. He dragged his eyes open, but could see nothing through the blindfold covering his eyes. Reaching for it only revealed how solid the cuffs on his wrists and ankles were. Something warm and wet and slick touched his cock. “What the fuck?”

“Good morning, P.D. I’d ask how it was hangin’ but I can see it’s starting to stand straight up!” The woman’s nasal voice and thick accent could only mean one thing.

“Addy Sivv? What the fuck is this?” He raised his head, hoping he was facing the right direction. “Glue Gun Gary and me are on the same side! I’m not some prissy superhero.”

“Don’t take it personal, Piledriver. It’s jut business.” The mad villainess ran her fingers along his well-oiled shaft. “Triple-G just wants a couple quarts of your super spunk so he can make better arousal oils. He could take a needle to your scrotum, but I told him that I could get him the sample the old fashioned way.” She wrapped her hand around his length and started to pump.

“Sure, Addy. Let me go and I’ll soak you with all the jizz you could ever want.”

The villainess yanked her hand away. “Naughty boy! We’re going to do things my way, or I tell my muffin to get the needle. Got it, Mr. Cum-for-brains?”

Piledriver groaned and thrust his hips forward, in search of her seductive strokes. “I got it, Addy. You and me, we can go back and forth all night about who’s in charge. Back and forth. Back and forth.” He bobbed his cock in time with his words.

“Yeah, don’t try any funny business, P.D. I’m the … funny … one.” Addy Sivv gripped his cock. But rather than start to stroke it again, she let it gently sway left and right, never breaking rhythm.

“You are the funny one, Addy. Thinking up all those jokes must make your brain tired. You gotta think of something and then decide if it’s funny. You go back and forth on it. Back and forth. Getting more tired all the time. Back and forth. Back and forth. Just like my hot cock. Back and forth. Feel your brain relaxing ….”

“Re … lax … in’,” Addy Sivv moaned.

Piledriver’s cock went rock hard at the sound of mindless arousal in the villainess’s voice. He’d hypnotized plenty of bitches with his shaft before, but never another villainess – while he was blindfolded and tied up! Oh the fun he was going to have!

“That’s right, Addy. Your brain is so relaxed. It gets the best ideas when it is relaxed. I’m going to tell you what those ideas are. You want to hear the ideas, don’t you?”

“Want ta hear,” she muttered, her voice soft and pliable, just like her mind. Piledriver nearly shot his load right then.

“Your first idea is that I’d give you much better cum if you untied me ...”


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