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In Hot Water

Argent had told Sable that this would get both of them in hot water!

Sable was too young and inexperienced to take on a supervillain as crafty as The Hedonist. Still, the headstrong superheroine had flown off, despite her mentor’s warning.

Argent raced to save her, but as the first drops of dew formed in her pussy, she knew she was too late. She could see the couple locked in a passionate embrace at the end of the alley. She could feel just how much the Hedonist wanted Sable’s body. Argent could feel every lusty urge and passionate caress that the Hedonist felt. That’s how his power worked. Whatever he wanted, he could make others want.

As the Hedonist’s lust overwhelmed her, Argent sank to the ground of the filthy alley. She tore off her costume and desperately fingered herself. She could hear Sable’s passionate moans behind her, but was too lost in her own desire to help her partner.

Argent was right that Sable facing off against the Hedonist would get them both hot.


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