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Flirting Fulfilled

Two beautiful women giving into their feelings for one another. What could be more erotic?

This scene from my Libido League novella, Friend Fatale, shows two heroines who have just finished a supposedly platonic night on the town with a game of keep-away as only superheroines can do. Our narrator, Sable (aka Yvonne Yates) has playfully stolen Argent (aka Alexis Ames)'s purse and raced back to their penthouse. We pick up where Argent catches up to her:

WHAM! Argent soared into me, tackling me into the apartment. The force of her flight sent us both rolling through the living room, the dining room, and into the hall. We were a tangle of arms and legs, hairpins and sequined dresses. Both of us were laughing hysterically as we came to a rest outside Argent's bedroom door.

I was laying awkwardly on top of Argent, my boobs pressed into her face. She was still wet from the reservoir and I could feel the moisture seeping into my dress. Argent fought to get her laughter under control, so I said, “I think you missed your call.” We both cracked up.

I shifted down so I could look Argent in the face, my breasts pressing down into hers. She was so beautiful when she laughed. Struggling to speak between bouts of laughter, Argent teased, “Yvonne, you're a superhero. You shouldn't take people's things.”

I swallowed my laughter, smiling so hard that my cheeks hurt. I could feel the warmth of Argent's body beneath me, through the wet dress. I could feel my own heart pounding in my chest. It's now or never, Yvonne. “Okay. How about I just take your breath away?”

Leaning down, I kissed her. Argent's lips were tight with smiling at first, warm flesh pulled taut against her perfect teeth. Within moments, her lips melted into the kiss, becoming soft and yielding. I thrilled to the touch of every inch of her pillowy lips, running my hands down her sides. As I caressed the inside of her lips with my tongue, Argent moaned—

—then pulled her head away. “Yvonne, I can't ask you do this. I didn't ask you. I made a choice.”

What was she talking about? “I'm making a choice. Right now. I choose you, Alexis.” She wouldn't meet my gaze, although her breath was coming in ragged gasps. “Unless you don't want me any more?”

No!” Argent shouted. “I mean 'yes.' I mean, of course I want you, Yvonne. You're beautiful, and passionate, and funny, and so sexy that I lack the words, and—”

“Then there's no problem,” I said, gazing deeply into her eyes. They were lovelier than the eyes I had seen on the screens in the Seductress's lab. They were filled with tenderness and lust and confusion and doubt. I wanted to soothe all that away. I wanted her to know the peace and happiness and bliss that I had learned in Seductress's lab. “We're both adults. I want you. You want me. No one else gets a say in what we do together.”

“But you said you never felt that way about me ...” she whispered. When had I said that?

She couldn't break my gaze. After all the high-minded lectures she had given me over the years, it was so hot to watch Argent in the throes of a struggle between her ethics and her lust. I knew which one was going win.

“Forget what I said. Let me help you forget a whole lot of things.” I leaned down and kissed her again. She held herself still for one moment, then two. With my right hand, I caressed my way up her neck, cupping her cheek gently. My other hand had worked its way beneath the small of her back, holding her steady as I pressed my hips into hers.

Argent melted into the kiss, a passionate coo echoing deep in her throat. We made out for a long time, just a symphony of lips and tongues. I savored the taste of her wine. She playfully explored my mouth with her tongue. I knew I needed to pace myself, so I kept my hands under control. No matter how much I wanted to tear that dress off of her body, I didn't want to spook her. I kept one hand under her back, the other stroking her neck and cheek. I had to wait for her to make the next move.

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