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Sound Survey

“The science is really quite simple, Argent,” said Dr. Conquest as he checked the last strap holding my naked body helpless on his examination table. “The human female possesses a wide vocabulary of pleasure sounds. I have made an exhaustive study and categorized every possible gasp, sigh, and moan you could possibly produce.”

I tested my strength against the straps, but the green power-suppressor light kept me helpless. “The only sounds you need to categorize is the danger in my voice when I tell you that I’m going to kick you ass the moment I’m out of this.”

“Quite correct, Argent,” Conquest said as he added some chemical to a huge bottle of lube. “My sensors will track the tone of voice of your protests as feelings of sexual stimulation undermine your resistance. To use a loose metaphor, you will be like one of Pavlov’s dogs, except that your every breath will tell me exactly how you like your bell rung.”

“Your plan only works if I engage, Conquest,” I snarled, trying to distract him as I wiggled my hand, trying to pull it loose. “I will remain silent no matter what you – Aaahhhh.”

He ran a lubed palm over my inner thigh. Pleasure washed over me. I was instantly wet.

“Your attempt to block data collection is understandable, but futile. My aphrodisiac compound is absorbed instantly through the skin. It will quickly increase your arousal response beyond the capacity of your frontal lobe to regulate it.”

My body writhed against the straps as he massaged my other thigh. “You have no idea what my … what my … oooh … what my frontal lobe is capa— Oh! Oh! Capable of.” He traced my swollen pussy lips with a finger.

“Very good, Argent. Keep talking. Tell me more about how you are strong enough to resist me.”

He slid a finger inside me, the other hand slowly circling my clit. The pleasure was relentless. “Aiii! I will fight... Ohmigod. I’ll fight you all day and all … all … ALL … OH FUCK!”

His fingers were relentless. I tried to squirm away from them but they always knew the best places to touch me. He knew my favorite spots as well as my own masturbating hands. Within minutes I screamed, bucking against the straps as my body exploded in orgasmic bliss.

“Very good, Argent. That was an excellent first survery. I will need to bring you to orgasm at least eleven more times until we have enough data to generate a reliable baseline. Let’s get started.”


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