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Vixen of Vigor Vanquished

Captain Alpha was the strongest hero the Earth had ever known. As the last survivor of the doomed planet Quimton, her unique physiology granted her phenomenal powers beneath the light of Earth’s nourishing yellow sun. She loved her adopted home world and the people of Earth were grateful for their faithful protector.

When Queen Klitorya’s path of conquest brought her to Earth, Captain Alpha stood against the alien warlord. The world cheered their hero. With the Vixen of Vigor to defend them, what did they have to fear?

None of them knew that Captain Alpha was not the first Quimtonian to cross Queen Klitorya’s path. The fight was brutal, but short. The moment Captain Alpha faltered, Queen Klitorya stunned her with a fragment of Quimonite. With the whole world watching, Captain Alpha swooned into the arms of the conqueror.

From that moment forward, Klitorya left nothing to chance. Like many aliens, she worked in threes. First, she coated Captain Alpha’s skin in thick alien fabrics, ensuring that not a square centimeter of it could draw strength from Earth’s yellow sun. Second, she placed alien denial technology inside the skintight prison, to ensure that Alpha was constantly on the edge of orgasm, but never able to reach climax.

Confident in her victory, Queen Klitorya paraded the defeated heroine through the streets. Tens of thousands of Earthlings flocked to the streets to see their champion, writhing in erotic torment. Something about her predicament called to them, mobs of thousands pressing against the captive heroine. Their own, human erotic energy was called by Alpha’s Quimtonian energy. Normally, the influx of erotic energy would reinvigorate Alpha to save the day.

But this was the third prong of Queen Klitorya’s plan. Special collectors in Alpha’s prison suit diverted the erotic energy that would have flooded her body. Instead, they altered the energy, warping it and sending it back, colored by Alpha’s helplessness. Tens of thousands fell on their knees. Every one of them was just as desperate, just as needy, just as helpless before Queen Klitorya as their greatest hero.

“You were, indeed, the strongest hero of Earth,” Queen Klitorya said as she watched her latest thralls grovel at Alpha’s feet. “I never could have conquered the planet this quickly without you."


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