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Wet Dream

“Time to wake up, Foundation. You’ve got some fucking to do.”

The woman’s sexy voice coaxed me out of one of the sexiest dreams I’d had in a while. Mnemonica had just pulled off her dress and straddled my lap. I kept my eyes closed, hoping to plunge back into the dream. A warm hand gave my cock a gentle squeeze. “Mnemonica ...” I moaned.

“Mnemonica? A hunk like you has a thing for that scrawny psychic? I thought you would want a woman with some curves.”

I pried my eyes open. Instead of Mnemonica’s strawberry blonde hair and pale face, glaring down at me was the olive-skinned, dark-haired, bottomless-eyed face of a powerful supervillainess. “Succubus? How did you capture me?”

She smiled wickedly. “The important question isn’t how, hero. The important question is why.”

I tried to push her off me, to sit up, but I couldn’t remember how to make my body do anything. “Fine. Why did you capture me?”

“You’ve got the strongest sperm. I’m working a ritual that needs my firstborn child. For the spell to be powerful enough, the child has to be powerful enough. Which means the sperm donor needs to be the strongest man around. Namely, you.” Her warm, slick pussy lips glided up my shaft, still rock hard from my dream.

“I will never father a child with you, Succubus. I will never fuck you. I will never – Oh Fuck!”

She slid herself onto my cock, her velvet vice riding up and down so slowly, engulfing every inch of me. “As if you have a choice, big man,” she laughed as she increased her pace.

Each stroke was bliss, but that laughter gave me strength. No man wants to be mocked during sex. I clenched my jaw and glared up at her. I forced all thoughts of orgasm from my mind. “I. Will. Resist.”

Succubus slowed and looked deep into my eyes. “Maybe you’ll try to resist me, but can you resist … her?”

She ran her hands through my hair, whispering words of magic. The dream dragged me back. Not even my super strength could keep my eyes from fluttering closed. Mnemonica cradled my head in her arms as she made love to me. Her slim body was so graceful, so soft as she rocked back and forth on my lap. Her sweet pussy was so hot, so tight, so wet, so –

“No!” I cried, but it sounded more like a whimper. I tried to open my eyes. Tried to remember it was Succubus fucking me, not Mnemonica. Beautiful, sweet, sexy Mnemonica.

Hot breath at my ear. “I want to feel you cum deep inside me, lover boy. Go deep and let go.”

I was lost in bliss. My hips thrust on their own, driving deep into my lover’s sweet box. My balls let go as I spurted every ounce of passion deep inside her, waves of ecstasy wracking my body.

Spent, I rolled to the side. My lover’s voice whispered, “Good boy. Next time will be even easier.” I drifted to sleep dreaming of my lover’s dark hair, her olive skin, and her irresistible, commanding eyes.



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