The Skarlette One

18+ only. NSFW Writer of Erotic Flash Fiction. Superhero erotica. Tumblr refugee. My longer fiction is available on Smashwords and Amazon, under "Skarlette One" Age: mid-40s My erotic e-books are available on Smashwords and Amazon. More info on my eBooks is available here.


You can’t say how long you’ve stared at the water dripping from your faucet into your bath. It has been long enough for you to see the crystalline beauty of every drop as it forms and falls. Forms and falls.

You have gazed into the tiny world inside the lens of the drop. Enthralled by the beauty of that world, every thing upside down, everything backwards. And yet, everything perfect.

Where your every attempt to get out of the bathtub results in you sinking deeper into the comforting water. Where your every movement to pull your hands from between your thighs, instead draws your talented fingers closer, closer to the needy nub of flesh that’s become the only part of you thinking. Where your every urge to pull your eyes from the slow, steady, relentless drip ends with your deeper focus on the world suspended inside that drop.

That tiny, pristine, beautiful world of pleasure,

of silence,

of submission.



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