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Compliance Model 47

“I am a brilliant woman, Terence Tartarus. I will figure out why I can’t get out of this chair.” Nothing was holding me down, but I still couldn’t seem to pull myself to my feet. Usually, I liked this restaurant because every table felt secluded, but at the moment, I would love nothing more than to see someone who could help me. Some one who wasn’t Tartarus looking me over like a Grade-A Penelope Payes-steak. “When I do, you’re going to regret whatever you’ve done to keep me here.”

“Me? I don’t see why you’re accusing me of doing anything.” Tartarus smirked at me. “I just sat down to compliment you on your necklace, Penny.”

“Don’t call me ‘Penny,’ asshole! You don’t offer compliments unless it will either make you money or get your dick wet, you selfish prick.” I didn’t usually wear much jewelry when eating alone, certainly nothing as heavy as the necklace I could feel around my neck. Which one was it again? There was a jewelry box on the table, labeled Compliance Model 47, but trying to remember what that meant was like trying to think of a doughnut hole without thinking of the doughnut. My mind just kept slipping through. “Well, you’re out of luck this time. I will figure out what’s going on.”

“I’m sure you will if you try harder. I’m sure you know that the female brain thinks better topless. You should try that.” He grinned like a cat devouring a canary.

“Of course I’m going to do whatever it takes to beat you!” I stripped off my blouse and unfastened my bra. With this much skin exposed, I’d surely figure out the problem in no time. “I’ll take off whatever clothes needed. I’ll even take off this damn gaudy necklace.”

“No!” A look of panic rose in Tartarus’s eyes. “The necklace is the thing that will help you most of all!”

“Shit! You almost tricked me into taking off my necklace, you asshole. But I’m onto you.” I let go of the necklace, sliding my hands down to my tender breasts.

“You will be soon enough, Penny ... 'on to me,' that is." I wanted to punch him in that smile, but I just caressed my soft skin. "For a strong, intelligent woman like you, I’m sure that getting the better of me makes you feel good. So very, very good.”

“Don’t call me ... mmmm ... Penny.” My breasts were incredibly sensitive. Flicking my nipples would help me figure out how to stand up, won’t it? “Oooooh. I’m almost free, Tartarus. When I am, I’m going to celebrate by finding any man besides you and fucking him senseless.”

“I’m sure you will,” he said, loosening his tie. “Just the thought of it must be making you wet. You won’t be able to out-think me with drenched panties. You’d better take them off.”

“Fuck yes, I’ll take them off.” He was right that my drawers were drenched. I slid my shorts and panties down in a single motion. “Then I’ll kick your ass with my brain.”

Tartarus took off his belt. “I’m sure you will figure it out very soon. You will realize that while you can’t get out of the chair by standing up, that’s not the only way out of the chair.”

“Oh, fuck.” Every time my fingers circled my clit, I felt closer to beating the fuck out of him. “You didn’t think I’d be smart enough to slide down onto my knees? Oh fuck. Oh! OH!” The moment my knees hit the floor, a mind-shattering climax broke over me.

“Good girl, Penny. You finally figured out where you belong.”


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