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OPERATION Skimpy Shirt

”Whatever you’ve done to me, I’ll get out of it!” moaned General Thea “Thunderbolt” Rose, her flesh aflame with desire.

”I don’t think so, General,” replied Terence Tartarus. The billionaire / supervillain gazed hungrily at General Rose’s curves as she squirmed with desire. “That shirt I gave you is saturated with a contact aphrodisiac that is making you so horny and submissive.”

“I’ll … pull it … off,” Thea said, her breath coming in short pants.

“That’s fine,” said Terence Tartarus. “It will make you naked so much sooner. And trying to grab the hem will put you fingers right next to your … Oh, I see you found it.”

As General Rose fingered herself to a screaming, submissive orgasm, Terence Tartarus unfastened his belt for the next phase of his operation.



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