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Journalist Becomes Willing Sex Slave of Billionaire Supervillain

Business Tycoon Stages Hostile Takeover of Ace Reporter’s Mind

by: Zelda Zane, Skarlette City

Terence Tartarus, billionaire playboy and CEO of Absinthe Industries, is no stranger to getting what he wants. The business mogul and alleged supervillain has prevailed against every challenge he has faced, from his days starting with nothing but a paltry seven-digit trust fund, to building Absinthe Industries into a world leader in personality adjustment technology, to squaring off against unprovoked persecution from the city’s sanctimonious superheroic busybodies, the Libido League.

But now the handsome, charming, and dominant Tartarus has added a new conquest to his trophy case: The Skarlette City Clarion’s own ace reporter, Zelda Zane, has been seen on her knees before the titan of industry, affectionately begging for his touch in her most intimate places. “The media has been cruel to Master … I mean, Mister Tartarus up until now,” Zane said, “But I am going to see that he gets the treatment he deserves, every luscious inch of him. After seeing the inner workings of Absinthe Industries, I would do anything for Master, even destroy my reputation as a reporter by confessing my devotion in the paper.” The reporter then succumbed to the orgasmic bliss of submission.

Mr. Tartarus would not respond to requests for comment, only offers of cock sucking.


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