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18+ only. NSFW Writer of Erotic Flash Fiction. Superhero erotica. Tumblr refugee. My longer fiction is available on Smashwords and Amazon, under "Skarlette One" Age: mid-40s My erotic e-books are available on Smashwords and Amazon. More info on my eBooks is available here.

Twenty Feet Short

“That’s right, hero. You’re less than twenty feet from safety. Less than twenty feet from the crowd of innocent bystanders – just the kind of people you are used to saving.

“Funny how they are the ones that could save you right now. The ones that could turn your head away from the captivating beauty of my dewy pussy lips. The ones whose chatter could drown out the seductive tone of my voice, speaking directly into your brain. The ones whose hurried motion could dissipate the sensuous scent of my cunt juice, summoning your shaft to rigid attention.

“You’ve fallen just twenty feet short of escape, hero. You can see safety from where you are, but will never reach it. Because you know what’s closer than twenty feet? The distance from your knees to the ground. Test it for me.



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