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Lashlust Triumphant

The Libido League had finally captured the villainess Lashlust and sent her to SHAFT’s ultra-security prison for supervillains. The first week was hell on Lashlust as the other criminals harrassed her relentlessly, trying to put the proud woman “in her place.” Without her enchanted whip, Lashlust had only her own strength and her indominable will with which to defend herself. By week’s end, both were wearing thin.

When she was summoned to the Warden’s office, Lashlust wondered if things were about to get worse. Had one of her rivals reported her? Would she wind up in solitary confinement?

She was shown into the Warden’s office and shackled to a chair. The guards left and locked the door on their way out. The Warden loomed over her. “You know, I don’t just hold prisoners here. I’m also in charge of your super-powered toys.” She pulled Lashlust’s whip from a desk drawer. The villainess gasped at the thought that her own whip would be used against her. Could even she resist the siren’s call of its tassels?

Then the Warden dropped to her knees and held up the whip across her palms. “The taste of this leather on my flesh has opened my mind to your will ... Mistress.”

Lashlust thought she was finally getting the hang of prison life.


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