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Her Mind in His Hands

Mnemonica’s mind was blank and open. Her telepathic powers were silent. She wore a blindfold, but had no need of it. Even if her eyes had been wide open, she would have seen nothing.

Because that is what she had been conditioned to see.

It had been five days since Terence Tartarus had captured Mnemonica. Five days since he had wrapped his pirated neural weave interface around her, putting the absolute control of her body into his smartphone, rather than her brain. Five days since the conditioning began.

Mnemonica had fought the conditioning at first, but she no longer remembered that. She had spat and swore and cursed the name “Tartarus”, but now she could only think of him as “Master.” Anger is exhausting, stubborness fades, and the pleasures offered by submission proved to be too tempting to resist. Mnemonica, the Pscarlet Psychic, was his.

When she felt fingers in her hair, her mind awoke a little. Just enough to listen for Master’s thoughts. Just enough to long for his commands. Just enough to get her pussy wet.

When Master’s hands nudged her forward, Mnemonica followed. Soft, warm lips met hers. She kissed them. They felt nice.

Mnemonica heard her Master’s thoughts. This is your friend, Mnemonica. You want to make her feel as good as you do.

She pressed her tongue into the woman’s mouth, and her telepathy into the woman’s mind. She felt Platinum Panther’s fear and frustration. Mnemonica opened her thoughts to her friend. Showed her how good submission felt. Shared with her the orgasmic bliss of following Master’s commands. Wave after wave of pleasure, passion, and submission swept over the two of them, their bodies piloted by the neural weave interface to kiss and caress one another passionately.

When Platinum Panther accepted her new Master, both their bodies shook with a massive orgasm. As Mnemonica collapsed on her friend’s trembling body, her mind was blank and open.



A mirror-counterpart to this flash fiction: https://skarletteone.wordpress.com/2016/05/28/occasionally-the-platinum-panther-wished-she-were/


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