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Raiders of the Brainwashed Heroine

It was the fourth time this week that Mnemonica had raided Club Absinthe. The superheroine knew that the so-called “leisure club” was a cover for all sorts of criminal activity, from gambling to sexual abduction. She just needed to get in there and prove it.

Just like every other raid, Mnemonica began her preparations by stripping herself naked. She then entered the Club through a service door, indistinguishable from the other nude sex slaves. When she reached the “Paris room”, the sexy superheroine sat in the special chair that blocked her telepathic powers. Placing a leather blindfold over her eyes, she spread her legs until her ankles clicked into the custom-built shackles. She reached behind her and pushed her wrists into the steel manacles. Mnemonica began to whisper her mantra. “Obedience is pleasure. Pleasure is obedience.”

By the time the members of Club Absinthe arrived to take their own pleasure from her captive body, the superheroine was so deep in her self-programming that she barely felt the orgasms these strangers drew from her flesh.

Another successful raid!


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