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Submissive Subway Superheroine

In the months following Libidos’ snap that erased the sexual inhibitions of half the beings in the universe, people tried to return to some form of normality. They had to eat. They had to work.

And yet, somehow, those whose liberated nature was dominant seemed to have a sxith sense for finding those who could now do nothing but express their most submissive inner self.

Exhibitioness had been a proud supeheroine before the snap. Now, she could rarely complete her commute without some dominant finding her. Man or woman, they were all the same. Exhibitioness would hear their whispered command to stay silent, and her voice would die in her throat. She would feel her clothing pulled aside and gasp with desire. She would feel their strong, commanding fingers fondling her breasts as jaded commuters whiled away the subway ride. In those moments, she could do nothing but cum like the needy, desperate sub she had become.


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