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Filled with ... Curiousity

As engineer of the Libido League, it was Sammie Sims’ job to examine any tech they confiscated from their enemies. The long, thick shaft had been found in the wreckage of one of the Seductress’s abandoned laboratories. Sammie had immediately taken note of its fine craftsmanship and detailed carving. She had seen bigger dildos, vibrators with more horsepower, but there was something about the sheer perfection of this one that fascinated. She was filled with … scientific interest.

Sammie had run it through every test her equipment was capable of and she still couldn’t understand half of the device’s subsystems. Without studying the device when it was active, there was no other way to tell what it was capable of.

It was purely scientific curiousity that led Sammie Sims to power on the super-science dildo. Her first test was just to stare at the curved, beautiful shaft, feeling her body grow warm just from studying its surface. Her second test was to step closer to the sexy, commanding thing, but that didn’t last long as she found herself speeding onto test number three: Holding the surprisingly warm, smooth rod in her hand.

With the speed of lust coursing through her veins, Sammie devised the ultimate test of the devise as she plunged it into her dripping cunt. Every thrust reverberated through her body with pleasure and her mind with obedience. As her scientific interest washed away, her sexual interest in the device overwhelmed her.

As her body writhed in orgasmic bliss, Sammie knew exactly what this thing was: Her Owner.


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