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That's what I call Cosmic-level sexy!

Captive Carnality

Crimson Carnality, the wickedest of witches, fought her way around Doctor Q’s traps and wards to find the shards of the Chamber of Submission. Such a powerful artifact would give Carnality the power she needed to defeat Doctor Q once and for all.

As she reached in to gather the shards of pan-dimensional glass, Crimson Carnality caught a glimpse of her own reflection. Beautiful. Sensuous. Proud.

So fucking sexy.

Desire washed over her soul like a wave. She leaned forward and licked the mirror, bared her breasts and pushed them against the hot, smooth glass. Nothing could be hotter than humping her own reflection. Nothing could be hotter that submitting to herself, her mirror-self. The self that was hotter, sexier, more irresistable.

That was how Doctor Q found her the next morning, begging her own reflection to fuck her senseless. Crimson Carnality looked so hot, Doctor Q could do nothing but oblige.


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Sable Sandwiched

“Argent, you don’t have to do this!” Sable shouted as she tugged helplessly against the power-draining cuffs. She had no way to stop her partner from caressing her naked breasts except the force of her words.

“Oh, but she does,” purred the Mesmerizer as she pounded her high-tech strap-on into Argent’s sloppy slit. “My mesmerizing shaft fucks her mind as well as her body. Watch this. Argent! What do you want to do to this prissy bitch?”

Argent let out a moan of pleasure as the Mesmerizer’s dildo sank deep into her cleft. “I want to make her yours, Mistress. I remember Sable. I remember what makes her hot. I remember how to touch her to make her beg. I want to hear her beg you, Mistress.”

The Mesmerizer laughed and fucked Argent harder. “Well, since you put it that way, how can I refuse? Make her scream!”

Sable’s screams of protest quickly became cries of pleasure … and sighs of submission.


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Until He Submits

The soft, moistened flesh slides across her lips. Her nimble tongue makes slow, deliberate, patient circles around the firm, spongy head.

The slow, patient, measured, torturously slow sensation spreading warmth and lust and obedience throughout the body, throughout the mind. The warm, pillowy lips closing ever-so-slightly to kiss and just barely suck on the oh-so-sensitive tip.

Every thought, every word, every whim, every will fixated on the next lick, the next caress, the next suck, the next sensation. Hot, insistent need welling up like boiling steam in a kettle … a kettle that will not, must not, cannot boil until she draws his manhood deep inside her heavenly mouth.

Until he submits to her.

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Herald of Submission

“Mission Control, this is Captain Jenna Joie of deep space mission Epsilon-69. I have found proof of extraterrestrial life forms. They are … aahh … They are far sexier than we ever imagined. Just the memory of their … oooohhhh … touch make me so hot I can’t help but … mmmmm …. touch myself.”

“You’ll understand soon, Mission Control. I’ve given them Earth’s coordinates. They’ll be there soon. OOOHH!”

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