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"Fuck Me!"

“Fuck …” Platinum Panther moaned softly. Her constant struggles against the carbon fiber shackles had left her weary. She hated Absinthe Industries tech!

“Fuck what, my prissy little superheroine?” Terence Tartarus, the evil supervillain / businessman who ran Absinthe Industries asked, as he ran his gaze over the heroine’s captive, naked flesh.

“Fuck … fuck … you,” Platinum Panther spit out in a minor show of resistance.

With a grin, Terence Tartarus tugged on the collar around the heroine’s throat. Platinum Panther gasped with ecstasy as the Absinthe Industries tech in the collar spiked the endorphins in her brain, conditioning her to relish her captivity. She hated Absinthe Industries tech! “Fuck …” she muttered after catching her breath.

“Fuck what, Panther?” Tartarus asked, leaning close to her face, pleasure-drenched and open.

“Fuck … fuck …” the heroine bit her lip as waves of lust continued to wash through her body. “Fuck … me … please. Please, fuck me.”

Terence Tartarus grinned in triumph as Platinum Panther begged and pleaded to submit to him. Somewhere deep inside, she hated how much she loved Absinthe Industries tech.


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Multiples Orgasm

After the fateful SNAP of Libidos, half the universe found itself free of all inhibitions. Every flirty quip gave rise to carnal indulgence. Every lustful thought became erotic action. Nothing stood between wanting pleasure and taking it.

When the supervillainess Duplinatrix found her own inhibitions floating away like ash, she broke one of her own rules. Quickly jilling herself off, she split off a duplicate of herself and kissed her own soft, warm lips. Her own body was so hot, so sexy, so responsive. No one knew how to touch her body better than she did.

And so she touched herself. Over and over and over. Every orgasm brought another pair of round, soft breasts. Another steaming, dripping cunt. Another talented, probing tongue. Another lover. Another Duplinatrix.

Before the day was out, the city overflowed with hundreds of moaning, licking, sucking, fucking supervillainesses. A chaotic orgy of a single woman, spanning as far as the eye could see.

Read the entire Ynfiniti Phallus saga here: Hurry, before the Game comes to an End!


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Getting a Handle on Things

“All the girls used to say that men was so hard to understand,” said Addy Sivv, strutting around the paralyzed hero Foundation.

“But I think the harder they are, the easier they are to understand. I mean, they come with a handle right up front!” The villainess grabbed Foundation’s cock, smearing arousal oil all over its length. Foundation groaned as lust flared through his body.

“All I gotta do is tug on this handle and you’ll do anything I want, won’t ya, Mr. Hero-man?” Addy Sivv stroked the captive superhero’s cock up and down. Up and down. Fast enough to bring him to the edge of climax in a few moment’s time. Slow enough to keep him from plunging over the edge.

“Ugh. Yes. Anything,” Foundation grunted.

“There. That wasn’t so hard. I mean, it won’t be so hard in a sec.” The villainess giggled as she brought the hero to helpless climax.

The first of many.


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Foundation is seduced in Libido League #10, Club Absinthe, available now at Smashwords and Amazon.


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The New Boss

With a stroke of the pen, businesswoman Penelope Pays had accomplished what her superheroic alter ego Platinum Panther had never managed to achieve: End the threat of Absinthe Industries. With Terence Tartarus behind bars, the tech company specializing in illicit mind control technology found itself in dire straights. Penelope had leveraged half her fortune to secure a controlling interest in Absinthe Industries, so she could put an end to it.

But a billion-dollar company doesn’t end overnight, and Penelope wanted to be certain she understood every facet of the operation. Anything worthwhile, she would save, while cutting out the evil sections.

That was how the third-richest woman in the world found herself at hidden sex club, debating just how to shut down Club Absinthe. The easiest would just be to fire everyone, recycle the furnishings, and sell the building, thought Penelope as she toured the dimly-lit rooms.

The music shifted to a higher rhythm and a new array of dancers took the stage. It’s not exactly fair to these hard-working ladies to throw them out on the street. It’s not their fault they were hired by a supervillain.

As the sway of the dancers’ bodies seemed to mix with the potent incense, the driving beat of the music, and the delicious burn of the 12 year old scotch Penelope sipped. They seemed to mingle somewhere deep inside the heroine, igniting a desperate longing within her that she had suppressed for too long. Maybe this place isn’t so bad.

One of the dancers approached her, hips swaying in seductive rhythm. “I haven’t seen you here before.”

“I’m the new owner,” Penelope said, pulling a hundred dollar bill from her billfold. “Why don’t you take me in the back and show your new boss just what you’re willing to do for a bonus?”


Libido League #3, “Daring Truth” features the seduction of Platinum Panther, Available now at Amazon and Smashwords!


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"so do you still think my skills only work on guys?"

Of course you knew by now you wouldn't stand a chance, it was a dumb idea to take the bet in the first place. After she told you about her latest office fling with her rival that earned her a hefty promotion and cost her rival his job, you foolishly told that that would only work on guys.

She instantly offered you a little bet. You just need to withstand her for ten minutes, if you fail she will be allowed to take your boyfriend on a little test-round.

"I..I'm..sooooo soo clo-oo-se!"

"oh darling, you never stood a chance. Now come for me!"

In a shaking sensasion you felt the orgasm building up inside of you, and in loud screaming you lost your little game with three more minutes left on the clock.

"Looks like noone can resist me after all! Let's see if your man will be able to last a bit longer for me."

A hot little wager! Nice portrayal of arrogance leading to a fall in a snack-sized flash fiction!

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